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Photo Credit: Niels Mogensen, Mara Predator Conservation Programme


Welcome to the official website of the Safina Lion Conservation Fund. We are a lion conservation and education charity - Registered Charity in England & Wales Number 1172709 founded in April 2017 by a group of four trustees. Please browse the website for information on the charity, educational material about lions and more information about the work that we support.

We work with our zoo and conservation partners to carry out our two main objectives below.



We support conservation organisations working directly with lions in the wild and the people who have to coexist with them. We currently support four conservation organisations. For more information click here.



We work with zoos to hold educational events and we also maintain educational pages on our website to allow people open access to information about lions in the wild, how they live, the threats they face and lots more.


Our charity is named after a lioness who was born at Linton Zoo near Cambridge in 2005. Safina and her companion Zuri are the lions on our logo, pictured here with their offspring Kali and Nabulaa and trustee James. For more information on Safina and her family please click here.

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Our commitment to conservation is personal. It is our aim to create a conservation legacy for this family of lions. We believe that by collaborating with good zoos we can increase our education and conservation output to much greater levels than we could without them.


Since April 2017 we have donated a total of £23,725 to our conservation partners...

This has allowed us to sponsor the efforts shown below. You can donate towards our conservation projects online via Just Giving linked here. 100% of all donations that we receive go towards making donations to our conservation partners to carry out vital work to protect and monitor lions in the wild.

Community Members learning how to set-up a camera trap (1).JPG

We have sponsored the cost of two camera traps via Lion Landscapes as part of their community camera trap programme in the Ruaha National Park.


We have sponsored the salary of a Lion Guardian for seven years. Starting with Guardians Longoi Ole Parsitau and Kuya Kipampa, our current Guardian Mitiaki is pictured.


We have sponsored two GPS collars and the veterinary fees required as well as two months fuel for a monitoring vehicle via the Mara Predator Conservation Programme.

Putting the collar on Laipangwa 200616.jpg

We have sponsored two GPS collars and the associated data transmission fees for three years and sponsored the strengthening of 11 bomas via Kope Lion.

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