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Here at the Safina Lion Conservation Fund we concentrate all of our work towards our Conservation Projects or our Education and Awareness Projects. All of our work has been based around our conservation strategy written in 2018 where we decided to base our work on three key areas. Our Future Kings Project concentrates on our focus area to protect and monitor young dispersing male lions whereas our Coexistence Project works on our focus areas of involving local communities and working to protect and monitor lions outside of protected areas. Please find out more about our projects by clicking the links below. 




We have combined our collaring sponsorships with Kope Lion and the Mara Predator Conservation Programme to form our Future Kings Project. Through this project we work in line with our conservation strategy focus area to protect and monitor young dispersing male lions to ensure they can sire the next generation.

Community Members learning how to set-up a camera trap (1).JPG

Coexistence is key to long term lion survival and increasing tolerance between lions and local people is crucial. We have grouped all of the work that we support to engage with local communities through employment, strengthening of bomas and community participation in conservation programmes into one project.

Through these projects we work with four conservation partners. To find out more about them click on the button below.

We also have two educational projects seen below. We believe that educating the public about the plight of lions is incredibly important. Many people are completely unaware of their plight and without this realisation it is hard for projects to gain proper funding. We want people to realise the state of one of the World's most iconic animals. The way to do this is by spreading awareness and we believe that there is one very easy way that we can help spread this message - by working with zoos. Both of these projects work hand in hand together working through collaboration with zoos.




This project sees us combine the free educational material on our website and our links with zoos all over the country. Our website currently hosts several pages of information about lion conservation, behaviour and husbandry as well as blogs of real life lion observations. We also give out free educational leaflets to our zoo partners and have carried out educational talks to zoo visitors and staff.

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It has always been our intention to work with zoos, the name of our charity is from a lioness born at a UK zoo. We believe that good zoos can be brilliant places to inspire the public to take an interest in the plight of lions in the wild and that their cousins in zoos can be a very important resource to educate people of all ages. This project sees us cooperate with zoos to do just this.

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