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Here at the Safina Lion Conservation Fund we concentrate all of our work towards our two conservation projects or our education work. All of this work is undertaken through our Future Kings and Coexistence Projects focussing either on young male lions or community engagement. We are proud to work with four different conservation partners listed below in two different countries that work to protect and monitor lions in the wild.

Unlike much larger wildlife conservation organisations we do not have the funds available to do work on such a large scale. At the Safina Lion Conservation Fund we use the funds that we have to assist conservation projects that are already working in situ to protect lions. Trustees have created a Donation Checklist to ensure that any conservation project we assist fits our charitable objects. Generally we find it best to help smaller projects on the ground who work and employ local people to conduct research and protection work. We also try to donate towards tangible objects or money that goes towards the local people rather than contributing to the administration costs of larger charities. We want to know that all the money raised by the public makes as big an impact as it possibly can. 

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Since December 2017 we have sponsored the salary of a Lion Guardian. Founded in 2007, Lion Guardians have trained and supported communities at seven different sites to successfully protect wild lions. We sponsor a Guardian in their core site just outside the Amboseli National Park in southern Kenya.


The Mara Predator Conservation Programme works in the Masai Mara ecosystem to provide evidence based practical management recommendations, solutions and ideas for stakeholders. In 2019 we made a donation to sponsor a GPS collar on a young male which was fitted in February 2022 on a lion named 'Ole Cook'.

Total Donated Since 2017 = £8080.68 


Total Donated Since 2019 = £6961.76

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Kope Lion are based in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania. They work largely in the multi-use areas to promote coexistence to open up the area in between the Serengeti and the crater. In 2019 we made our first donation to cover the cost of a GPS collar fitted on a young male named 'Laipangwa' in June 2020.

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Lion Landscapes was founded in April 2016 with the aim of addressing key challenges facing carnivore conservation today. In 2020 the Ruaha Carnivore Project merged with Lion Landscapes for even greater conservation impact. Since 2022 we have sponsored four camera traps to be used as part of their community camera trap programme.

Total Donated Since 2019 = £7682.95

Total Donated Since 2022 = £1000

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