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This is a free educational resource, always being added to for anyone online who wants to learn more about lions, their behaviour, natural history and husbandry in zoos. Lions are a fascinating subject, click on the specific headlines below to learn more...

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A Safina Connection...
You will start to see more of these spotlights throughout our educational pages as we start to link our work with our zoo and conservation partners directly to our Learn About Lions Project. We hope that this will add more of a focus to our work and link all aspects of our work together.

The educational pages above have also been condensed to give a brief overview on all aspects of lion behaviour and biology as well as the threats that face them in the wild. These can be downloaded as a PDF (see icon to the right) which can be used for educational purposes. More detailed information can be found on our other educational pages based on specific topics. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you want more information for educational purposes.

We also work with zoos to share information on lion behaviour and the threats that they face in the wild with their visitors by providing free educational leaflets.

These leaflets have been distributed to zoos across the UK in time for World Lion Day on the 10th August so that keepers can give out these leaflets at talks and events throughout the summer holidays. We would like to thank all of the zoos that have taken these leaflets and given them out to members of the public and put them on display in public areas. Further details of which zoos have taken part in our Learn About Lions project are named in our Annual Reviews which can be seen in our About Us section. The pictures above show three zoos that have taken part for both 2018 and 2019 Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo, Linton Zoo Conservation Park and New Forest Wildlife Park. Our Learn About Lions leaflet can be seen by clicking on the PDF link below and if you are from a zoo and want to take part in this project please don't hesitate to contact us and we can involve you in the project and send some to your zoo.

slcf linton zoo.jpg
Folly Farm Luna Leaflets 2.jpg

Trustees and supporters of the SLCF have been out to visit the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya twice in recent years. These two pages contain blogs that have been created to share the experiences of seeing lions and to share what we have learnt about them while being out to see them in their natural habitat and the issues that face them in the wild. We hope that this will give people the chance to read more about lions in the wild and how they behave.

Observations From The Mara 2017


In September 2017 one of our trustees joined a volunteering programme in the Naboisho Conservancy just outside the Maasai Mara National Reserve to gain an insight into the problems that lions face in the wild. This was the perfect opportunity to observe lions in the wild and to visit one of the last lion population strongholds.

Kenya Lion Expedition 2020

ds1-MPCP team-maasai mara-feb20-0632.jpg

In February 2020 along with two colleagues from out supporters Wild Arena Ltd and Knowsley Safari one of our trustees visited the headquarters of our conservation Partner the Mara Predator Conservation Programme. With the help of David from Wild Arena Ltd we created a video blog to share with you all our experiences and what we learnt on our visit.

Tanzania Lion Expedition 2023


When visiting Northern Tanzania in February 2023, two of our trustees James and Pete went to visit four different protected areas close to the border with Kenya. While visiting here they the opportunity to spend time with our conservation partner KopeLion and meet many members of their team. Click on the link above to learn more about the trip.

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