In September 2017 our chairman James Welch visited the Maasai Mara Ecosystem as part of a volunteering trip.

The idea of this visit was to get a better understanding of the problems lions face in the wild and to see the threats first hand. As well as seeing the fragile habitat this also gave a brilliant opportunity to see lions in the wild and to get to see wild lion behaviour first hand. Extensive notes were taken whilst on the trip and all we go onto various pages on the website. Please choose a page from the section below to learn more about the particular places, lions and the way that the Maasai live with lions so close.

        Learn more about the Conservancy, 1 of 5 of the large conservancies situated just outside the Maasai Mara                                                    National Reserve. This page also contains information about the lions in the area.

       Learn more about the reserve itself, the home of 'Big Cat Diary'. Read about some of the lion sightings and                                                      species seen.

       Here you can read about the local people - the Maasai. How they live so close with the wildlife and also an interview                                     with our Maasai guide Francis.

       This blog will include pictures and writing in more detail about the lions seen whilst in the Mara.

We believe that it is important for a member of our team to see the issues facing lions in the wild as potential contacts and knowledge of current situations may determine where we can make the most valuable contribution to lion survival possible.

We also intend to use this as an opportunity to not only educate ourselves but to help fulfil our role in educating the public in the issue of lion conservation. We hope that the material on here once finished will allow all of you reading to get a better understanding of the way lions and also the people who live around them cope in this wonderful but harsh environment.

working with zoo lions for wild lions

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