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Lalit Helps Stay Away From Light Pollution

We are delighted to have been approached by children's author Claire Culliford, writer of 'The Little Helpers' series. The books are written to positively educate and inspire children to creatively solve global environmental and social issues and protect wildlife. They also support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. The books published in the series so far have been translated into many languages to help spread the messages globally.

Alongside the series, Claire has worked to help raise awareness of organisations that are working to protect wildlife/the environment around the globe. She was worked with other conservation organisations for her previous books has already had several organisations endorsing the series for its educational value these include: the Australian Koala Foundation, the Australian Wildlife Protection Council, The People's Trust For Endangered Species, the British Beekeepers' Association and the Association of Early Career Polar Scientists, Save the Elephants, Pandas International.

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Lalit Helps Stay Away from Light Pollution - Audio bookClaire Culliford
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We were asked by Claire to endorse one of her newest books of the series 'Lalit Stays Away From Light Pollution' which aims to introduce children to endangered species and climate issues, in this instance Lalit is an endangered Asiatic Lion and the issue is light pollution from local villages. We were happy to endorse the book and how it introduces to children to endangered animals and the threats that face animals and our climate around the world.

Following a slightly different route for her next set of books as part of the series Claire is moving into audio-books but has kindly provided us with a PDF copy of the book for parents to read for their children for us to include on our website. Please find the PDF of the book below and thank you Claire for providing us with this book to introduce children to endangered species. The audio book version is also available below too!


Thank you once again to Claire for working with us. All of these photos below to her and are from her website, which you can visit for more information about Claire and her books.

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