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  • Housing & Enclosure Design                                                                     

         Any information related to housing and enclosures including all natural features, shelters and                                                   furniture that may be found within.

  • Feeding & Diets

       Any information related to the feeding of lions including pictures and videos as well as dietary                                                 information.

  • Training 

         Any information related to the positive reinforcement training of lions in zoos. Including training                                               plans, pictures and videos.

  • Introductions & Mixing

         Any information relevant to introducing lions together in zoos including plans and protocols as                                                 well as pictures and videos of these processes.            

  • Behaviour

        Any information that includes pictures, videos and writing on the behaviour of lions in zoos.

  • Signage & Education

        Any information relevant to the education of visitors at zoos this could include plans for visitor                                                  talks, educational signs and leaflets.

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