Here at Safina we believe that no one is too small to make an impact and that every contribution no matter how small can help wildlife conservation. If you are passionate about lions and want to help save them in the wild, here are a just a few things that may help us to try and protect them as best we can. We believe in cooperation, please research and contact other lion conservation organisations too. Only together can we make a difference.



The most important aspect of African lion conservation is that not many people know that lions are in trouble. Only the West African Lion is listed as Critically Endangered whereas lions in all other areas are only listed as Vulnerable. This means that lions are only really protected by where they happen to be. You can help lions in the wild by spreading the word through word of mouth, social media or any other way you can, just let people know that lions need help. Only by spreading the word we can put pressure onto organisations and governments to give the African lion the protection that they badly need. Through our 'Ambassadors For The Wild' Project we work with zoos to raise awareness for lion conservation. So far we have visited Noah's Ark Zoo Farm where we talked to visitors and gave out information leaflets - If you are near any of these future events please come and join us!


Would you like to help raise money along side us to send to conservation efforts throughout Africa? Through our Just Giving page you can create a sponsored event to raise money for the conservation work that we support. If you do decide to take part or organise a sponsored event and you would like to raise money for us then please feel free to contact us and we can share your event via social media and our website. Just Giving is a secure and safe fund raising tool and all money that we receive via Just Giving will go straight towards the conservation work that we support. This September a team of 7 staff and keepers from Knowsley Safari Park formed a Tough Mudder Team called 'The Pride Of Knowsley'. Together they managed to raise close to £1700 for us - A huge amount of money that will go directly towards lion conservation efforts.


Or if you want you can donate directly to us here at Safina. Through our Just Giving page you can make a secure and safe donation. All money that we receive via Just Giving will go straight towards the conservation work that we support. All donations that we receive will go directly to conservation efforts operating in the field to aid lions in the wild. We are currently working on a 'Friends' scheme so that if you want to donate to us and keep involved with the work we support you can receive a newsletter and regular updates. All conservation projects we support are chosen by our dedicated team of trustees along with the advice of our Conservation Advisory Committee to ensure that your donation goes to the best place possible to make a valuable and much needed difference to the wild lion population. We also try to choose schemes that work with the local people to ensure peaceful coexistence.

If you have any more queries or you have another way that you would like to contribute please don't hesitate to contact us through the box below or through our email address.

Only together we can help save this iconic species. This is why will always remain grateful of the support from all of our followers and we continue via social media to share the work of other conservation projects as they work often silently to preserve the 'King of the beasts'.




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