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The LKRG is a joint partnership between the Safina Lion Conservation Fund and Apex Extreme which aims to promote the sharing of ex-situ lion conservation, husbandry techniques and other information relevant to the care of lions in zoos. By sharing information between keepers and providing the information in one place we hope to create a useful resource that can be used by all lion keepers to promote good husbandry and to share new ideas. 

The LKRG is currently only available for UK zoo keepers, if you wish to access the site please follow the steps below:

  1. A representative from a collection housing lions (BIAZA or EAZA member) can email with details of which collection you are from and the password will be given, ideally a workplace based email would be most appropriate to confirm credentials. Once the password has been given it can be shared within the collection to all of its lion keepers and accessed by the button above.

  2. Please ensure you follow all the rules of the LKRG as listed on the main LKRG page.

Maintained in collaboration with Apex Extreme. For more information on their work click on their logo.

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