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The Safina Lion Conservation Fund is a Registered Charitable Foundation (CIO) Registered Charity Number 1172709 formed in April 2017 to focus on the following objectives: 

'1) To promote for the benefit of the public the conservation and protection of lions by: 
A) Supporting conservation projects in such ways that are charitable. 
B) Conserving and protecting the natural habitat of lions.
C) Supporting and publishing research into the conservation and husbandry of lions
2) To advance the education of the public in lion and wildlife conservation by such means as the trustees decide including through the support and publishing of research.'

As a Registered Charity it is our duty to ensure that all of the work that we undertake matches these objectives. We work to carry out these objectives through the support of both in-situ and ex-situ conservation work.


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Fighting For Their Future

Our Conservation & Education Strategy

In 2018 trustees decided that it was important to have a focus for the work that we carry out now that we have started to support conservation efforts. This strategy was created by the trustees with the guidance of our conservation advisory committee. To celebrate the launch of this new strategy it was announced on the 3rd July to coincide with our birthday celebrations for Zuri, who is the companion of our name-sake Safina who will be turning 12 years old. By concentrating on certain aspects of lion behaviour and conservation we believe that we can have an even greater impact than we would otherwise. This strategy sees us focus on three targeted points of conservation interest:

  • Young Dispersing Male Lions

  • Lions Outside Protected Areas

  • Involving Local Communities

These are the three areas that we currently see as in most need of our help and areas that our comparatively small funds will be able to realistically reach. Trustees have also decided that any financial support will be towards specific items or projects - for example a particular salary, vehicle, GPS, monitoring equipment etc. It will always go towards something that we can see will have an impact on the ground to protect and monitor lions in the wild directly. To read our new strategy fully click on the PDF viewer to the right and zoom in closer.


Working Together For Lions

Our Conservation & Education Strategy Review

Three years into the work of our first conservation & education strategy shown above trustees decided that it would be good practice to review the work that we have carried out and to see how it fits with what was written.

By doing this we have been able to assess our support so far and to see which parts of our strategy we have worked towards and which bits need more support. We have then been able to plan our steps for the future and to make goals that match our strategy and the organisations that we currently support. This new strategy plans our steps for the next three years taking us into 2024. We want to be as transparent with our supporters to show them where their donations have gone, why we have donated them to the projects we have and what we intend to do with donations in the future. This has been launched on World Lion Day 2021 with our big theme this year of cooperation. If we don't work together we won't be able to give wild lions the future that they deserve. To read our new strategy review fully click on the PDF viewer to the right and zoom in closer.

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