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At Safina we believe that to ensure the survival of lions in the wild we need to...

Protect the


African lions need help. Once one of the most widespread large land mammal their wild population is thought to have declined 42% in just 21 years leaving Africa with an estimated total of just 23,000 lions.
Through habitat destruction many lion populations are now isolated and separated from each-other. In order to learn more about how we can help them we need to find out more about their current situation. Many conservation projects are monitoring these lion populations. Observing their progression, mortality rates and their dispersal to other areas to see if inbreeding could  be an issue due to population isolated.
At the Safina Lion Conservation Fund we pledge to help conservation projects in their monitoring and research of Africa's last lion populations.

Protect the


No animal can survive in the wild if it has nowhere safe to live. In order for any ecosystem and all species that thrive within it to survive it needs to have a habitat that is safe and protected. Habitat destruction is one of wildlife's biggest threats as the human population grows out of control. Isolated lion populations are now surrounded by farm-land and unprotected areas meaning that any lions that choose to flee their home lands head straight into danger.
Habitat corridors are now more and more important to link these isolated populations together to allow free movement of all species into different protected areas.
At the Safina lion Conservation Fund we pledge to help conservation protects striving to protect Africa's natural habitat and to create habitat corridors to link them together.

Work with the


People are key to conservation. In order to protect wildlife you need to have the people who live with them in their habitat involved. These people rely on the land to live, they are also ideal people to help and even be employed to maintain conservation efforts. Education is key to help these people work better with the wildlife that surrounds them to keep the animals and the people safe.
Many conservation efforts are working with and employing local people as part of their schemes to help monitor lion populations and carry out other wildlife conservation work.
At the Safina Lion Conservation Fund we pledge to work with these conservation projects that work with the local people to involve them in the preservation of their Africa and their wildlife.
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